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L.Tronics Support Tips And FAQ

We offer you several tips on line on how to repair your electronic devices, and help you make decision if it's worth to repair it or buy a new product. Please read our Questions and Answers below to learn more!

Try to fix your device before you call!
Sometimes the problem is very easy to fix and here are two common situations:

  • 1. There is no picture (or picture is snowy) on chanels above 13.
    On older TV sets there is a mechanical switch at the back or on the front of your TV which is labeled as (TV/CableTV) or (Antena/CableTV) try to switch it to Cable TV Mode and see if that helps. On newer TV Sets this setting might appear on your tv setup menu. Go to channel setup and try to switch to Cable TV Mode. After that you might need to go back to Menu and do autoprogramming.

  • 2. I see the picture on my TV but there is no sound!
    Some TVs have mechanical switch that turns the speakers off and on, see if you can locate that switch and turn it on. Some TVs have this setting in the audio menu, turn it on if it is off. Another set of TVs have (SAP/Stereo/Mono) options in audio menu, SAP should not be selected for regular use. Move it to Stereo or Mono option.
    We truly hope this helps, but if these steps didn't solve the problem we suggest to give us a call for a professional opinion.

  • How do I know if my device is worth repairing?
    The answer obviously depends on the age, size, features, the cost of the repair estimate, whether the set is still under warranty, etc. As a 'rule of thumb', We donít recommend repairing a television that is over 15 years old. It is not uncommon for technicians to find multiple problems in older sets, too. Putting $250-$350 into an old television set that will probably fail within a year might not be the best choice. However, there are a lot of TV sets that are working just fine after 15 years of service. Your best option is to bring your device to our srvice center or arrange a pick-up and get FREE estimate.

    How much does it cost to repair my device?
    It really depends on what is wrong with your device. Well, we know how it feels when something goes wrong and we will give you a break by offering a FREE estimate. That will help you to decide what to do. It is hard to give you an estimate over the phone as symptoms of the problem described might be caused by many different causes. Again, your best option is to bring your device to our service center or arrange a pick-up and get FREE estimate.

    How long will my TV last once it is repaired?
    There is no guarantee that the repaired device is going to survive for a few years or more, simply because there is no guarantie that brand new device will last you either. We do provide professional service and therefore give 90 day waranty on parts and labour. Our technicians will not only repair the symptoms, but the root cause of the failure as well. We know what are common failures and will go through a checklist of these possible failures to ensure your device is repaired as best as possible.

    I lost the code for Universal Remote Control!
    Frastrated because you have lost your manual for remote control?
    Well, you will feel much better because we found these sites for you. They contain codes for many remote controls, we hope that your remote control device is listed as well:

  • Remote Central Web Site
  • Another great remote control resource

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